Assuming that we are going to use the USB Memory Key distribution of ZIPSIP and we will not run more than 10 E1 (300 Concurrent Call approx.). If the site is prepared for more than 10 E1 capacity, please contact with us for the specification.


We will need following things prepared:


• A PC/Laptop or Server with minimum of following configuraiton.

• Motherboard: Must need to have USB bootable option available. We can check it from BIOS. Or while purchasing, we can check it or ask the seller to check it for us.

• Processor: Intel Core2Duo or Core i3/i5/i7 or higher

• RAM: 2 GB to 4 GB, more than 4 GB is not suggested.

• NIC (LAN Interface): This is very important. We need a good and well tested branded 10/100 NIC/LAN Card.

• We prefer Intel, Broadcom or 3Com or any other server grade manufacturer brand of NIC.

• Hard Disk: ZIPSIP do not save any data in hard disk. So, we do not need any hard disk. But if the computer needs to be  used for creating Live USB Key, then we will need Windows Operating System, so obviously we will need a hard disk in that case.

• Operating System: To run ZIPSIP, we do not need any operating system, because the Live USB we will create will have its required operating system included. So, no operating system or any type of operating system is ok for ZIPSIP.  But to create Live USB we will need Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system. So, it is better to have Windows XP/Vista installed if we do not have another Laptop/PC available handy.

• Casing (For PC Only): Since PC’s are not designed and manufactured for 24/7/365 service, they might have difficulty for poor cooling system. So, better cooling system provides extended chance of getting good and long term performance from the PC. We prefer to have a specious casing with dual and relatively bigger cooling system.

• Monitor: Monitor is required at the time of installation. Later on we will not require it. But for troubleshooting and other support purpose, a monitor at the setup premise is necessary.

• Mouse & Keyboard: Any brand, USB or PS2, plug and play (PnP)

• Network Switch: A network switch is required to connect with internet through this network switch. The host PC/Laptop/Server of the ZIPSIP and all gateways which will run under this ZIPSIP will be connected with this network switch. The network switch must need to be from a reliable brand and with tested quality. Otherwise it may reach to a limitation point which may cause bad performance by the gateway because of bandwidth limitation.

• LAN Cables: Like LAN Card and Network Switch, LAN Cables are also very important. Wrongly crimped cable causes faulty networking and results bad and low performance by the route. Cat 6 cables with RJ 45 connector is fine for LAN cables.

• USB Memory Key: An USB flash memory key is popularly known as Pen Drive or Thumb Drive. It needs to be of minimum 4 GB of data capacity. Any brand is fine. But some memory key’s are distributed with various software pre-installed (i.e. U3 etc.). We do not prefer such memory keys.

• VoipZip Web Access: ZIPSIP is a Point-to-multi point technology. The ZIPSIP we are going to install is the client part of the total ZIPSIP system. We will need the server part as well where client ZIPSIP will connect. VoipZip works as the server for  ZIPSIP. We must need to have a VoipZip partition web access to configure the client ZIPSIP. A VoipZip partition needs to be subscribed. Please contact with us for a VoipZip partition. You might get a VoipZip partition for testing and demonstration purpose for limited time and limited use.

• Access to download ZIPSIP Live USB ISO File: Download of Live ISO file of ZIPSIP is password protected. To download this,  you will need to contact with SyncCare and get the user name and password. Please contact with us for download access.

• Internet Connection: And most of everything, we must have to have a good internet connection with required speed forn  running our targeted concurrent calls. An internet connection can be of any type such as Broad Band, Dial Up, Wi-Fi,  WiMax and any other type, and with any type of IP configuration such as Static Real IP, Dynamic Real IP, Static Private IP.

• Dynamic Private IP etc. Internet might have firewall, that is not a problem. ZIPSIP is capable of bypassing all type of firewall. If we have everything handy mentioned above, we are ready to go to next step.


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