• After adding tariff chart, you will see the following page.
  • Click on “rates” tab and then Add Rates. You will get following page.
  • Please fill up the form with correct data in specified field


Rates per Minute   : The amount   of money you want to charge for per minute call, i.e. $0.0200 for Turkey   Proper (90).
Rates per   Call : The amount   you want to charge per call regardless the call duration. This is sort of   fixed cost. Leave it 0 for now.
Destination   : Destination   code of this rate plan i.e. 90 for Turkey Proper
Grace : Number of   initial seconds that will not be billed if call get disconnected within that   time., i.e. if you set 10 here and if any call get disconnected less than or   equal 10 seconds, it will not be billed. You can leave it 0 for now.
Minimum   Duration : Your least   expected bill time for a call, i.e. if you set 30 here, it will bill minimum   30 second regardless the duration. For example, if a call gets disconnected   on 12 seconds, still it will bill for 30 seconds.
Pulse : Increment   of time duration after minimum duration. For example, if minimum duration is   set 30 seconds and pulse is set 6 seconds, after first 30 seconds, billing   will be counted for every 6 seconds. So, for 31 seconds of call, bill will be   for 36 seconds.
Start of   Time Slot : The time   of the day when the rate chart will come into effect. If your server time is   set to GMT as time zone, and set 00 HR 00 MIN 00 SEC, the rate will come into   effect from GMT 0 hour. If you set anything else, it will follow the timing   exactly.
End of   time slot : Same as   start time, this is the time when the rate will go out of effect.
Seconds   per minute : We have 60   seconds in a minute as standard, but some people prefer to set less second or   more second in a minute to take control over profit. You can set number of   seconds in a minute here as you wish. For now, set it 60.
Day of   Week : Days of   week when the rate is in effect. If you remove Sunday from the list, the rate   offered will not be effective for Sunday.
Currency : The   currency of this rate charged like it could be USD, Euro etc.
  • After you finish filling up the form; click on Create Rate Button.

We are done with rate item creation into the tariff chart. Now you have to create another tariff chart for your buying rate or provider/supplier rate. You can do that following the same procedure.

You can access the tariff chart from Rates link from navigation menu as well. Also, for big tariff charts, you don’t need to create all rate items manually, you can upload tariff chart from *.csv format files (any spreadsheet can provide this Comma Separated Value output).

We have provided limited explanation of various fields here so, we can move faster for next sections. For more detailed explanation, please refer to the user manual of VoipZip available in

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