We have completed adding destinations and rate chart. We have another prerequisites to be added, that is Routing Group. We can do that by following steps below.

  • From Navigation Menu go to Routing >> Dialing Plan Group >> Add Dialing Plan Group
  • Fill up the form with appropriate data on specified fields.


Name An   identical name of the routing group.
IVR Mode For now,   leave it as wholesale. Wholesale mode doesn’t have any IVR. Calling Card and   retail mode have specific IVR which we will describe letter.
Failover If a call   fails on first route, if your failover is enabled, it will try with 2nd route   and so on. Leave it disabled for now.
Priority   Sense Priority   sense, capacity sense and call ratio sense together works as a traffic flow   control algorithm. Leave it 100 now. We will explain it more in user manual.
Capacity   Sense Leave it 0
Call Ratio   Sense Leave it 0
Policy Policy   defines call distribution algorithm, how your calls will be distributed among   various gateways you have, it can be based on quality, it can be based on   cost or both, or you can set strict priority. Set Force Routing as policy for   now.
Loss   Protection If your   buying rate is higher than selling rate, it incurs lose for you. If you set   loss protection, SyncSwitch will not let the routing to pass such calls which   incur loss. For now, set it disabled to reduce complexity.
Connec.   Time Out After how   many seconds the call will be disconnected if the called person does not receive the phone. Leave it 60 for now.
Max Call   Duration Maximum   duration of a connected call after which the call will be automatically   hanged up.
Comment Any   identical text that can help you to remember or identify about this routing   group.
  • After filling up the form, click on Create Routing Group button.
  • We are done with Dialing Plan Group creation.

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