• Go to Gateways >> Egress Endpoints >> Add Egress Endpoint
  • Fill up the form with appropriate data in specified fields.


Name Identical   name of the supplier/provider/terminator/ gateway by which you can exactly   recognize. You can provide any name here.
Protocol Protocol   configured on your gateway. If your Gateway is configured for SIP and you set   here H.323, your routing will not work and your calls will not besucceeded.   So, please confirm with your provider and then set it here.
Secret For now,   leave it blank.
Gateway   Status Set it   enabled, if disabled, it will not work.
Rate Chart Select the   buying/provider/supplier/terminator/gateway rate you have created before.
Currency Currency   for billing set it USD for now.
Expiry Date Expiry   date of the gateway account, leave it as it is for now.
Call Limit Maximum   number of concurrent call the gateway can handle, this is equivalent to the   number of active channels/ports your gateway does have. Set the correct   number.
Comment Any text   that can help you to recognize this gateway, you can keep it blank as well.
  • After filling up the form, click Create Gateway Button.

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