We are done with first part of the gateway creation process. We have some other tasks to do to complete setting up a provider/terminator/supplier/gateway

If you are still in the page after clicking Create Gateway button of previous page, click on the Settings tab that appears in front of you. If you already have left the page, you can browse from navigation menu Gateways>> Egress Endpoints >> All Egress Endpoints and locate the gateway name that you just have entered and click on that.

  • Under Basic Settings Section, provide appropriate information in specified fields. For now, forget about Registration and

Advanced Settings tab.



Host This is   the hostname or IP Address of your Gateway. Collect this from the   provider/supplier/terminator and place it here.
Port This is   the specified media port for specified protocol. For SIP it is 5060 by   default. If you have received any port changing instruction form your provider,   place that port number here.
Proxy Set it yes   for now. It will do full proxy for you.
NAT Set it yes   as well for now.
Allowed   Codecs Which   codec do you want to send to your Gateway. You can leave it as it is for now.   We will describe these things in detail in VoipZip Manual
  • Click Save Button after providing information

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