Now, we have completed adding gateway and providing technical information of the gateway. Only one thing left is, which destinations are supported by this gateway. Any specific gateway can terminate one or more destinations. Or you might want this gateway to terminate only one destination. You can control destinations by following steps.

  • If you are at the same page after adding technical information to the gateway, click on the destinations tab that appears in front of you, and then Add Destination. If you already have left that page, browse Gateways >> Egress Endpoints >> All Egress Endpoints and locate the gateway we have added. Click on the name of the gateway and click destinations tab and Add Destination from there. The page will look like the above image.
  • Provide appropriate information in specified fields


Destination This field   is an auto complete field, put first few digits of your desired destination   code, it will automatically suggest available codes. Example is in the image   above, I have putted 9 on the field and it suggested me all codes available   starting with 9. Select the desired code with mouse and click on that.
Remove   Prefix                                                                          If you are receiving call with a   prefix, i.e. 1616#90xxxxxxxxx where 1616# is technical prefix, you can remove   this prefix from here. If you put 1616# as remove prefix, it will strip 1616#   and send the call to the gateway as 90xxxxxxxxx.
Out Prefix This is   the opposite of Remove prefix. If you put 2020# on the box as out prefix, it   will add 2020# with the called number and send to the Gateway.
Add   Breakout Breakout   are sub codes for a destination, for example 90 is country code for Turkey,   and Turkey has many other codes like 905 Turkey Mobile, 90312 Turkey Ankara   etc. 905 and 90312 are breakouts for 90. If you set yes, it will add all   codes to the gateway started with the specified code, on this example 90. Set   it no for now.
Auto   Routing You can   add this gateway directly to a routing group by selecting the Auto Routing   yes and selecting the routing group on next step where you want to put   routing entries for this gateway. Select Yes here.
Routing   Groups This is a   scrawl menu from where you can select the routing group we have created in   previous section. Make sure you click on the name and it is highlighted. By   selecting the routing group name, you are ensuring that current gateway will   be enlisted under that specified routing group for the destination(s) we have   selected.
  • After filling up the form, click on Add Destination Button.


Step9-Configure Client Originator