We have completed configuration of Destination, Tariff Chart, Dialing Plan Group, Gateway etc. Now your VoipZip is completely ready to receive and handle calls. All we need to do is to add a client or originating account. We will do that in following steps.

  • Go to Clients >> Ingress Endpoints>> Add Endpoint from navigation menu
  • Fill up the form with appropriate information on specified field.


Name User name   or PIN number, put 1234 for now.
Secret This is   the password of the pin, put 1234 here as well.
Account   Status Keep it   Enabled if you want it to work.
Expiry   Date Date of   expiration of the account.
Protocol Protocol   followed by the user, SIP, H323 or IAX2, put SIP for now because we are going   to test a call using a SIP Dialer.
Incoming   Prefix Incoming   prefix is a number added before the called number. For example, if you set   incoming prefix 222, this user must need to call to any number with 222901xxxxxxxxx.   Put it blank for now.
Routing Group Select the   routing group for this account/user, you have created in previous steps.
Rate Chart Select the   Client Rate or Selling Rate chart for this account/user, you have created in   previous steps.
Starting   Credit The amount   of money credited to particular originator. This is the amount up to which he   will be able to consume by calling. For now put $1.00.
Credit   Limit Credit   Limit is the maximum negative balance of account that is allowed. Put it 0.
Min   Balance The   minimum amount needs to be credited in the account to continue call. Put it 0   as well.
Currency Currency   for the account/user, here USD.
Call Limit Number of   concurrent calls that are allowed from this account/user, put 1 here for now.
  • Click on Create User button to create the user account.

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