This page will give the answers of Frequently Asked Questions...

1- What is VOIPZIP?

VoipZip is developed to reduce bandwidth consumption of VOIP with a special compression method without any sacrifice of voice quality!


2- Will VOIPZIP help me to lower my internet bills? 

Yes, VOIPZIP will decrease your bandwidth consumption. So, you can have 4 times more voice traffic with the same internet connection. For an instance, if you have 512 kb/s dedicated V-Sat internet connection, you may have 64 channel Voice ( with codec; g.729), instead of 16 channel you may go maximum in standard.


3- My internet connection has low bandwidth. How will VOIPZIP help me?

VOIPZIP reduces your voice bandwidth by 4 times. If you have even 128kb/s upload&download dedicated internet, you may run 16 channel voice (with codec of g729) in one site.


4- I am using VPN / another tunneling solution for my setup. What will be the advantage of using VOIPZIP?

VOIPZIP is a solution designed for voice only and the technology is to encrypt the RTP packages of Voice. VPN is a technology which increases the required bandwidth by adding some headers to RTP packages, so it even consumes more bandwidth.


5- I don’t have static IP / I don’t prefer to have static IP. Can i use VOIPZIP?

Yes, VOIPZIP may work with dynamic ip as well. Your gateways register to “VOIPZIP”, and “VOIPZIP” registers to “VOIPZIP Manager” which you can send / receive traffic very easy.


6- I am doing GSM Termination Business. Is VOIPZIP suitable?

VOIPZIP is a best fit for GSM termination projects. The solution is compatible with any kind of IP gateway, so there is no investment costs. To learn more about the product, please check our Products Page.


7- I am using GSM Termination gateways in many sites and a SIM Server in another. Does my SIM Server  work with VOIPZIP?

Yes, VOIPZIP may work with SIM Server without any problem as well.


8- I am doing business in a country that have no good internet infrastructure. Does VOIPZIP work with V-SAT or any other expensive and low bandwidth internet connections?

Yes, VIPZIP works well with any kind of internet connection. The main idea is to compress and encrypt the RTP messages; as a result, even if you have low stats internet connection, you will be able to manage your route working well. For more information about the required bandwidth, please check our Products Page.


9- What is the price of VOIPZIP? I can not afford an expensive solution!

VOIPZIP is a hosted service that there is no need a high investment. If you are suffering from internet bandwidth, VOIPZIP is perfect and affordable solution.

10- What is Session Bandwidth Optimizer (SBO)?

SBO is the operating system which can be installed to any PC (please check the manual of minimum requirements) SBO will optimize your bandwidth for VOIP immediately. SBO is available on USB stick memory or as an ISO file can be downloaded from our website. It is a plug and play software that all need to be done is to Live Boot PC with an USB key which SBO is installed. (Please check our installing manual in download section).

11- What is Reduce Bandwith Consumption (RBC)?

VOIPZIP is developed to Reduce Bandwidth Consumption (RBC) of VOIP with a special compression method without any sacrifice of voice quality! Voipzip is a key solution to reduce bandwidth consumption. VOIPZIP’s Reduce Bandwidth Consumption (RBC) feature provide you effective internet usage.


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